Photo of Jahnke, Suzanne

Suzanne Jahnke, RN, MS

Clinical Instructor


Suzanne Jahnke graduated with her master’s degree in nursing from North Park University and works as a certified surgical clinical reviewer. In this role, she improves the quality of surgery by reviewing, analyzing and suggesting areas of improvement for sub-specialties of surgery for the American College of Surgeons National Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP).

In all aspects of her career, Suzanne is focused on helping to achieve optimum outcomes for patients, families and students. She is passionate about ensuring that high-quality healthcare is delivered in all clinical and educational settings, and highlights the great impact that nurses make on the quality of healthcare by working with multidisciplinary staff.

Suzanne is also a writer and editor for a healthcare publishing company. She is a proponent of evidenced-based research, and the movement of using evidence-based research in healthcare has been a dynamic part of her education and career path.