Photo of Ghafari, Jamie Pikus

Jamie Pikus Ghafari, RN, MSN

Clinical Instructor


Jamie Ghafari’s clinical background is in pediatric ICU nursing and organ transplant coordination. Early in her career, she realized that she enjoyed the administrative and teaching aspects of the nursing profession. After she graduated with her Master’s in Nursing Administration from UIC, she accepted a nursing management role in the Patient Logistics department at the University of Illinois Hospital. In this role, Jamie assists hospital leadership in predicting, prioritizing, and optimizing patient flow.

Selected Publications

Ghafari, J., Bhati, C., John., E., Tzvetanov, I., Testa, G., Oberholzer, J., Benedetti, E. (2011). Long term follow up in adult living donors for combined liver/bowel transplant in pediatric recipients: A single center experience. Pediatric Transplantation, 15, 425-429.

Ghafari, J., Tzvetanov, I., Spaggiari, M., Jeon, H., Oberholzer, J. and Benedetti, E. (2012), The Effect of Living Donation of Small Bowel on Lipid Metabolism, Transplant International, 25: e19-e20.