General Education Requirements – Recommended Subject Areas

Below is a list of recommended subject areas for the general education requirements that must be completed prior to enrollment in the RN to BSN online degree completion program:

Understanding the Individual & Society (3 semester hours)

Introduction to Psychology is recommended, but other possible subject areas include: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Philosophy, Government and Western Civilization.

Understanding the Past (3 semester hours)

Courses in this subject area: African-American History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Eastern/Western/European/World/U.S. History, Shakespeare, Native American Studies and Theatre.

Understanding the Creative Arts (3 semester hours)

African-American Literature, Art History, American/British/French Literature, Poetry, Drama, Fiction, Shakespeare, Germanic Cultures and Literature, Italian Cinema, Music, Polish/Russian/Spanish Literature in Translation and Theatre.

Exploring World Cultures (3 semester hours)

Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, World Regional Geography, Cultural Geography, World History, East Asian Civilization, African Civilization, Latin American History, Middle Eastern Civilization, Native American Studies, Comparative Politics and International Relations.

Understanding U.S. Society (3 semester hours)

Introduction to Sociology is recommended, but other possible subject areas include: African-American History, African-American Literature, Criminal Justice, Economics, Native American Literature, Asian American Literature, U.S. Geography, U.S. History, Native American Studies and American Government.