Below is a list of descriptions for the required courses that compose the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Degree Completion Program.

NURS 212: Health Assessment and Communication (3 semester hours)

Introduction to physical assessment and interview skills necessary to assess health status of clients across the lifespan. Concepts of communication, health literacy, patient centeredness are investigated as they impact health and risk assessment.

NURS 242: Concepts and Processes in Contemporary Nursing (4 semester hours)

Introduces RN/BSN students to contemporary concepts for professional nursing practice in health care systems with emphasis on the definition of nursing; nursing paradigm; health promotion; continuity of care.

NURS 316: Introduction to Nursing Informatics (3 semester hours)

Explore the concepts of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom as they develop from information and patient care technology. Experience learning in computer applications, such as, wiki, PowerPoint, Spreadsheets,, and Google Drive.

NURS 322: Introduction to Research and Statistics for Evidence Based Practice (4 semester hours)

Basic concepts of research utilization and critique emphasizing relationship between research and evidence based nursing practice. Includes study of basic statistical measures, vocabulary, data analysis, and hypothesis testing.

NURS 342: Caring in Professional Nursing (2 semester hours)

Exploration of the complex nature of caring and its critical role in nursing. Special emphasis is placed on defining caring, describing nurse caring, and investigating caring through application, discussion, research, and teaching.

NURS 385: Nursing Care of Populations (5 semester hours)

Application of nursing knowledge and skills in the health promotion of populations.

NURS 390: Nursing Leadership and Management in Healthcare (6 semester hours)

Exploration and application of principles of nursing leadership and management through an integrative practice experience applying the five functions of nurse managers to the management and support of clients, groups, and systems.

NURS 397: Issues in Nursing Practice (3 semester hours)

Analyzes social, economic and policy issues affecting the practice of professional nursing with emphasis on strategies for advancing the profession.